Dining Alone

The blogosphere is throbbing with the story of John Kerry's solo dining experience in Iraq. No surprise there. One wouldn't expect that a military man or woman would want to sup with his eminence. More surprising is that Kerry has the cajones to show up in a military dining hall at all.

This all reminds me of a scene from Unfit for Command, the book by John O'Neil that launched the Swiftboat Veterans for Truth movement during the last presidential campaign. O'Neil describes a Swiftboat reunion where Kerry "showed up". He strut into the banquet hall and was shunned by virtually everyone in the room.

Finally, he went in front of the crowd, forced his way on the stage and gave a short speech (which was pretty much about himself). When it was over, his words were met with a deafening silence. O'Neil recounts that he quickly exited the meeting and everyone went back to enjoying their friends.

You have to give it to the guy. He has guts.

Update: Oh, you CAN'T miss this...