Who Shall Dare Call the MSM Bigots?

I for one. And David Frum for another. He cites the evidence:

Perhaps you have read those news analyses that purport to explain why Mitt Romney could never be nominated by the GOP: It's those bigoted evangelicals, supposedly, who would refuse to accept a Mormon presidential candidate, no matter how qualified he might be .....

A new poll casts doubt on that theory. A poll conducted for Bloomberg News and the Los Angeles Times found 37% of voters unwilling to vote for a Mormon for president.Who were these unwilling voters? While one-third of Republicans said they would reject a Mormon candidacy, 40% of Democrats would - and 50% of the most liberal Democrats.

Romney's problem is less with conservatives in his party than with liberal secularists outside it. And oh by the way, it's not just Mormons whom the secularists dislike . If 37% of poll respondents would refuse a Mormon president, 22% of them would also refuse an evangelical Christian.

David Frum's Diary on National Review Online