Soup of the Day

Last night I stayed up way too late watching all seventeen episodes of The Soup of the Day. Admittedly, at my age, it is probably a bit juvenile to think this type of stuff is funny. None the less, I did find myself laughing out loud (LOL). Perhaps some of it is close to home... as in days gone by.

More interesting though is its video distribution model. The weekly five minute segments are distributed exclusively on the web site in a video blog format. It seems that there is a market for low cost, weekly situation comedy distributed through purpose built web sites. One would imagine that if The Soup of the Day is successful, we will see a whole host of niche market sitcoms on the web.

Given all the references to MySpace, it looks as though they may be backing the project, although I don't know for sure. But there are so many references to MySpace, on has to think they have something to do with it.

Anyway, it's pretty entertaining twenty something guy humor with some good acting and decent production. If you fit the demographic, have a look. If you yearn for the days when you fit the demographic, you might like it too.

(BTW, one of the characters is sort of an Amanda Congdon video newscaster. Personally, I loath Amanda Congdon for all her snippy liberal humor, so it is nice to see that the Congdon type character as an emotional retard.)

UPDATE: Apparently, Amanda Congdon quit/was fired/parted ways with Rocketboom today. Not that I could care less what she does, but you have to think The Soup of the Day had some inside track on this. In Episode Seven, Franki, the neurotic but hot Amanda Congdon act-a-like, quits/is fired from "Missleblast", the Rocketboom like vlog on the show.

This all leaves me with a couple of questions. Do The Soup of the Day folks have an inside track on the behind the scene situation at Rocketboom? If so, is the undeniably hot Ms. Congdon a neurotic idiot a la Franki? If so, am I totally justified to think that Ms. Congdon's juvenile political posturing on Rocketboom comes from an empty well?

And as such, does it not tell us something about the state of Public Television that they have been distributing this trash?

Thought so.