Mexico Stays "Red"

Looks like Mexico and North America in general dodged a bullet in yesterday's presidential election. Can you imagine the numbers streaming north if they had elected a leftist? Those predictions of 65 million by 2040 would have been optimistic (or is that pessimistic?).

Reuters reports:

Calderon had a lead of almost 400,000 votes over Andres Manuel LopezObrador with returns in from 96.6 percent of polling stations and asenior election official said it was unlikely to change with a recountordered for later this week.

A Calderon victory would ensureMexico sticks to the free-market policies of outgoing President VicenteFox and hold steady as a U.S. ally, bucking a trend of Latin Americannations who have turned to the left and away from Washington in recentyears.

So now let's count the conservative party victories since the beginning of the Iraq War. Mexico, Canada, Germany, Israel, United States, various newly free "color revolutions" in Eastern Europe and one in the Middle East, and probably more that I am not remembering.

Losses: Spain, Italy.

All things considered, I continue to be optimistic about the general direction of all things global.

By the way, had you not wanted to wait for the MSM on this, you could have gone here.