Guilty Pleasure


Republicans are instinctively sympathetic to Lieberman as a Democrat who demonstrates that one can remain faithful to liberal principles at home while supporting the country's war effort abroad. That said, it might prove something less than an unmitigated catastrophe for the Republic, the war, and (ahem) the GOP if Lieberman were to lose. His defeat would hand Republicans a vivid symbol of what the Democratic party is evolving into: It's too left-wing, too defeatist, too antiwar even to tolerate its own vice presidential nominee of six years ago!

David Frum's Diary on National Review Online



11:35 PM

Interesting comment, except that I'm not sure the Iraq war can be so breezily dichotomized into the liberal-conservative axis. Many conservatives have turned against this war. Pat Buchanan, Wm F Buckley and George Will come to mind. Being against this war does not make you a far leftist. Nor does being for it necessarily burnish your creds as a hawk (can you say 'Hillary'?).

I respect those such as yourself who support the war, but when the Dems of CT get pissed at Joe for going the wrong way on a very important issue, then he must face the music regardless of what the GOP thinks of it.