Not Funny

My letter to editor of the Arizona Republic for printing this.

Dear Ma’am or Sir:

Your cartoon desecrating the Marine symbol of the Eagle, Globe and Anchor is insulting to all of us who hold the Marines and their proud history in high regard.

The story of a Marine massacre being put forth by your paper and many other media outlets is based on the flimsiest of evidence. It is increasingly clear that sources for the reporting are less than credible, and we are now seeing Time magazine and other media backtracking on their original accusations. It is in the midst of this environment that you choose to tarnish the reputation of the Marines Corps with poorly placed "humor".

Your editors may find this kind of insult amusing, but I assure you many of your readers and the broader citizenry do not. Although you have the right to print this vile rubbish, responsible journalists would apologize for such an error in judgment. As a former Marine officer and the son of an enlisted Marine who fought valiantly in the Battle for Okinawa, I demand that you acknowledge your error in printing this insulting cartoon.

If you have any question why Americans continue to drop newspaper subscriptions in droves, look no further than today's issue of the Arizona Republic.