Random Thoughts

Steve Clobert’s shtick at the White House Correspondents dinner wasn’t funny because his irony laced interviews on Comedy Central don’t easily translate into standup comedy. That, and he was just plain rude to the president. Imagine if you were invited to a dinner and your hosts proceeded to insult you mercilessly. It wouldn’t make much sense to accept another invitation like that. Bush’s routine was much funnier.

Jambo might really change the way people interact. The new social networking site allows you to “find” people like yourself nearby, using a wi-fi technology. A recent exchange on an airplane with a guy who lived in the town where I grew up, liked to sail, ski and was in similar business might be the norm rather than a remarkable coincidence. So I signed up for Jambo this morning.

Yesterday I got a job offer in Houston. Actually the job is global, but the office is in Houston. I’m wondering if I would like to live there. Never lived in Texas, but I liked the people when I interviewed for the job and at least I can sail on Galveston Bay.

This morning I have a conference call with an investor group who want to start a freight airline. If I had a whole lot of money, I don’t think that is where I would put it, but it would certainly be a fun business to operate. They want me to do that, but I’m pretty sure they are about twenty years too late to that party.

(Update: Turns out it's an aircraft leasing company, which is a much better idea.)

Yesterday’s immigration rallies will do damage to the cause of moderate immigration reform. Thousands of people flaunting the law will make it more difficult to implement a guest worker program and will push the agenda to the right, making a bill harder to get through the senate. The losers will be Mexican immigrants, many of whom will remain in the shadows.

With yesterday’s IRS report that people earning over $200,000 pay 97% of federal income taxes, I wonder what taxes all these illegals pay. So the media characterization of them as tax paying, law abiding citizens is not true on both counts.

StrategyPage tells us that Al Qaeda is being beaten by the internet. They say that the terrorist network thought that the American would fold up and go home as soon as the media showed enough caskets being unloaded at Dover AFB. But they didn’t account for the rise of cable news, talk radio and blogs. Those media have kept the war in perspective for a lot of Americans and so we have stuck it out. I’m not sure I buy the whole story, but I’m sure if we were all watching Walter Cronkite every night, we would have left Iraq in 2004.