Read this letter (scroll to end) if you ever thought the “pro-choice” movement in this country was about the government “keeping its hands off” women’s bodies. A key supporter of Bill Clinton writes a letter imploring the then president-elect to legalize the “morning after pill” in order to lower crime rates in the US. Actually the letter is worse than that. It basically suggests aborting black babies is a useful method for fighting crime.

This kind of lunacy is what happens when broad social decisions are taken out of the hands of the people and placed in the realm of the courts. For twenty-five years this country has wasted millions of dollars and thousands of hours debating an issue that could have easily evolved in a socially acceptable way through our state legislatures. Instead, an activist Supreme Court, egged on by social extremists, overstepped its authority and manufactured a new “civil right” to abortion. The result has been a debate that has been dominated by the extremes of the political spectrum.

Roe versus Wade ought to be overturned not because abortion should be illegal, but because it is horrible law. Credible estimates suggest that if state legislatures were to vote on the abortion, only three or four states would make the procedure illegal. Does anyone doubt that Planned Parenthood would have a fleet of vans to drive any poor expectant mother over the state line to get the desired abortion?

When detailed polls are taken asking people how they think abortion should be treated in the Unites States, close to eighty percent of respondents agree that it should be legal but with some restrictions. Yet the political left continues to demagogue the issue in an effort to maintain advantage with women voters in their twenties and thirties.

By positioning the issue so that anything short of full term, government subsidized, abortions for girls and women of any age without parental or spousal notification constitutes the first step to deadly back alley abortions, the left purposefully distorts the issue for purely partisan political advantage.

In one of Bill Clinton’s few moments of clarity, he said that abortion should be “safe, legal and rare.” Fortunately, with every passing year, more and more people agree with him. But it is insightful to see how the “pro-choice” people really feel about abortion. The issue to them is more about social engineering than anything like personal privacy.

But even I am surprised to see the utter cynicism that leads someone to suggest that aborting black babies is a handy tool for fighting crime.


elaine x

7:49 PM

... i am pro choice ... i am not pro abortion ... but with hopelessness and desparation being what it is, guilt and despair over disappointing mom and dad and the absolute fear of god that the child would likely get beat out of them by their 'god fearing' parents ... or worse ... absolutely psychologically demeaned, humiliated and abused by the same parents screaming for 'pro life' ... no thank you. if you haven't walked in those shoes, don't even think you can have an opinion on the subject. until americans stop trying to murder people with lethal injection, bombs and rifles, chemical weapons and nuclear weapons ... should they even begin to broach this subject with their dirty, bloody hands.
peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'


4:14 PM


If you read my post carfully, I don't think you can find anything that you and I would disagree on (excepting my right to have an opinion). My issue is with people who feel it's society's obligation to promote abortion in an effort to rid the country of crime. Bad parenting is a tragedy and in some cases a crime. But those who think that ridding the world of "potential" criminals by promoting the use of abortion in poor, black communities are misguided and dangerous. If more people in those communities saw these people for who they are, I can't see how they wouldn't reject such a horrific attitude outright.