Too Much Fun

Today, several of the leading conservative blogs are speculating that Mary McCarthy, the CIA employee recently fired for leaking classified information, was caught in a CIA sting operation. Again, I say speculating. They note Friday's announcement by the commission investigating terrorist renditions in Europe and suggest it was part of a coordinated effort to tell the world that the story was planted by the CIA to ensnare internal leakers.

Such a tenuous connection seems like a stretch to me, but it reminds me of a rumor I heard last year about the CIA - one that I really wanted to believe.

A month or so after the end of the Ukrainian “Orange Revolution”, a story about the CIA’s role in those events started buzzing around the internet. It was said that during the tense days just prior to the re-vote of the presidential election, President Kuchma ordered a trainload of his union toughs to Kiev and to attack the Yushchenko supporters who were standing vigil in the central square. Kuchma’s plan was to declare marshal law amid the violence and cancel the re-vote.

According to the story, western intelligence got wind of the plot and formulated a brilliantly simple response. It seems that when the union guys arrived on the train, they were delighted to find numerous cases of vodka for the taking. And as good Ukrainians might, they did their very best to drink every last drop of it.

When the train arrived in Kiev, rather than primed for a fight, they were so drunk they couldn’t even get off. The train was simply turned around and its sleepy cargo returned to the Ukrainian East.

I don’t know if this story is true, or if Mary McCarthy was entrapped. But if there is anything to either story, I’m sorely disappointed that I never completed that CIA application I got after leaving the Marines. Those CIA guys seem to be having a helluva lot of fun.