Pull Up Your Pants, Sweetie

Why do some liberals feel compelled to take off their clothes to make a point? From Berkeley to Hollywood to any of number of other places, liberal “activists” get naked to protest war, climate change, or whatever the tragedy du jour happens to be.

You don’t see folks from the Citizens for Tax Justice stripping down to stump for a flat tax.

And it isn’t just in public. My liberal friend, I’ll call him Jacob, is invariably walking around his house as if in flagrante delicto. The other day I showed up at his door and was met by a hairy, bear like creature. Yuch.

America is considered the perennial teenager of the global community. We have short attention spans, speak too loudly in public, and obsess about ourselves and our friends. We are eternally optimistic and want nothing more than to be rich, famous and beautiful.

But in this culture that can't quite reach adulthood, there is an element which seems stuck in the "show me yours and I'll show you mine" stage. Perhaps their parents screwed up the whole potty training thing. Whatever the reason, a little dose of shame would go a long way.



10:14 AM

Shame of what?
One's body?
Of being liberal?
Of showing up the next day to work with a runny nose?


3:59 PM

All of the above.


5:19 PM

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