Political Subsidies

The internet and blogs seem to serve different purposes for the political right and left in the US. On the right, bloggers tend to use their sites to combat the mainstream media (MSM) which they believe has a left leaning bias. On the left, bloggers use the internet to organize politically and raise awareness about their preferred candidates.

Being on the right side of the divide, I certainly agree that the MSM is left leaning. Any number of studies show that up to 90% of editors and journalists at major news outlets vote Democrat. Although I find the bias irritating, it doesn’t concern me as much as it does other Republicans. Most Americans only pay passing attention to politics and are guided, not by news reports, but by their own experiences when they stand in the voting booth.

In point of fact, a sympathetic media can actually damage a political movement. When candidates get too much good press, life is easier and they get lazy. But when the press closely scrutinizes a candidate, he or she is forced to compete harder and better candidates rise to the top.

Over the years, the good press bestowed on the Democrats has acted like a subsidy. And anything subsidized is eventually weakened.