Movie of the Day - "Junebug"

Here's my review of the movie Junebug...

Like American Beauty and Million Dollar Baby, Junebug employs empty stereotypes to offer a view of American class structure which is neither interesting nor particularly enlightened. And as is the norm from Hollywood, lower middle class, religious and rural Americans are are set up as foils to charming, thoughtful upper middle class urbanites in order to show the limitations of the former and the superiority of the latter.

That said, there is some good acting in this film, and some nice plot details. The story itself even has its merits, intertwining the experiences of a family meeting a new sister /daughter-in-law who comes from a completely different background. Yet one is left squirming in one's seat either in embarrassment for the caricature of a southern family (intended) or, more painfully, for the film makers who openly expose their own middle class values and prejudices (unintended).

In the end, one suspects that they, like the main character who wistfully rejects his family in the last line of the movie, have spent a couple of million dollars to do much the same.

I gave it three stars - out of a possible ten.