Mitt and the Healthcare Bill in Massachusetts

Readers of this blog will come to appreciate that I have been a supporter of Mitt Romney for president in '08 since before GWB took his second oath of office. Mitt is man whose life has prepared him for the top job and I think he has a good shot at it. (Note: I only hope he can convince Condi to run with him).

That said, Governor Romney made a huge step toward securing the nomination this week. Working (apparently) with Ted Kennedy to get a federal waiver to allow the new law, Mitt is set to sign health care legislation that will require all Mass residents to have medical insurance. Being the governor of the first state to take this no nonsense approach to health insurance will be a huge boon to Romney's prospects for president.

The Globe has been following the story as one would expect. Recent stories are here and here. Despite what you will read in newspapers like the Globe in the days and weeks to come, this approach to healthcare has long been supported by Republicans and would have been implemented years ago if not for obstruction by others. Democrats like Hillary are now supporting the initiative, knowing that to futher obstuct the effort will give them trouble with "independent" voters in "06 and "08. It only pains me to see that somehow the press can report on this without acknowledging that one party has been pushing for it for years.

Update: Tyler Cowan is optimistic. Good sign.

Update II: The man speaks. You can't read this without thinking that he would make a great prez... can you?