Eyes Wide Shut

The indispensable blog David’s Medienkritik notes today how the German press again ignores Red Cross reports that conditions at Guantanamo have improved substantively.

Although the report is good news for anyone concerned with America’s international reputation, I would suggest that it is nothing more than the Red Cross finally admitting to conditions that have been quite respectable for many years now. But as David notes, the German press will surely ignore the news, as it would break with the “US as international criminal” storyline they have been flogging for five years now.

For those concerned about the US breaking "international law" in its efforts to reign in international terrorists, it may be appropriate to ask what the "international community" has done in the last five years to update its "laws" to keep pace with the challenges of non-state actors in the era of international terrorism?

For those not paying attention, I'll give you a hint. Not much.

The "international community's" complaints about the Guantanamo facility sound much like Arab charges about Palestinian "refugee camps" or Democrats in the US blocking immigration reform. Those complaining have the power to solve the problems, but prefer to keep the issues burning so they have something to demagogue.

As such, the US is left to solve the real issue of how to deal with these international criminals, while the “international community” simply flogs the efforts in an attempt to forward various domestic agendas on the back of anti-American populism.

So to our European "friends" I say, until you stop blocking serious dialogue about Geneva Conventions reform, anything you say about Guantanamo will be received in America for what it is, empty demagoguery.

Expect the German media to stay on that track.