Everything Must Go!

What do you do when sales are off and product is sitting on the shelves? You can hunker down, cut costs and hope for the best. Or you can do what the radio ad sales guy suggests - double down and advertise, advertise, advertise.

Media sales people always complain that the natural tendency of small businesspeople is to hunker down until it is too late. Then, when forced to have the inevitable Going Out of Business Sale, who do they call? Of course it’s the radio sales guy. Having ignored his good advice for all those years and now desperate to liquidate all their inventory, the store owners advertise like mad.

The other day Al-Zarqawi put out a nice ad. Pretty slick actually. He looked good - nice and healthy. There were cool cut aways to field ops and some good ABC News like commentary on Bush’s low poll numbers (close enough). And his wardrobe assistant was pretty on target too, with some hot ammo belt accessorizing.

Many in the media asked, “Is this a sign of strength or weakness?”

Can’t say for sure, but this week, despite a near black out in the western press, we learned that the Iraqis finally settled on a Prime Minister. There are some good signs coming from that. The Sunni insurgency seems to have had quite enough of the Zarqawi Kids and are shooting them in the back when the Marines face them in the streets. All in all, bad times for Al Qaeda in Iraq.

So what of Zarqawi’s promo piece airing this week across the western media? Looks like a Going Out of Business spot to me.