Eco-friendly Entertainment picks up the much reported story about Hollywood finally accepting the inevitable and supporting the on-line distribution channel:

Spurred by iTunes’ recent success offering television programming for download, Hollywood is jumping into online movie distribution. Movielink and Cinemanow both announced deals with studios this week to start allowing internet sales “day and date” with the DVD release for films including King Kong and Memoirs of a Geisha. Studio press releases herald the move as groundbreaking.

As a big supporter of MovieLink (see my "Movie of the Day" posts), I welcome this. However, much of the commentary on the recent news has been negative. The Buzz Outloud kids complained vehemently that the pricing was out of sync with DVD costs and the DRM on the new services was overly restrictive. I wrote to them in support of Movielink which they read on air but then suggested that I just "didn't get" their point.

Well, I say they didn't get mine... which was that the downloads were in fact expensive, but the rentals are a good deal - in fact, the best deal this side of bitorrent theft. Like the rentals, the purchased downloads will come down in price as volume increases.

There is much to dislike about Hollywood, but this is a good move on their part. Save on gas money. Rebel against the horrid architecture that is Blockbuster stores. Clean up the social sewers that are mall cinemaplexes. Use MovieLink.

I mean, how may times do you need to see a movie. Just rent (for as little as $.60) and see it once. That's enough for me, anyway.