A young writer comes up with a television series about a female president of the United States. Central to the show is her compelling personal story. She grows up in 1950’s strife stricken Birmingham, Alabama. Surviving, even prospering, she becomes an accomplished concert pianist and figure skater. She graduates from college at age nineteen, completes graduate school, and enters adult life as an inspiration to everyone she meets.

Her rise through adulthood is unparalleled. Everywhere she goes, with every job she has, she is tagged for greatness. She is called to work in the White House while still in her early thirties. She is made provost of one America’s greatest universities before turning forty. Several years later she is brought back to government as a key advisor to the president and becomes Secretary of State.

Four years later she somewhat reluctantly accepts the nomination of her party and is elected in a landslide victory. The television series opens with an episode where she is seen dealing with a nuclear crisis in the Middle East. From there on, she is depicted every week in an inspiring role as the first woman president of the United States.

The television writer shops the script around Hollywood for weeks, then months. Every meeting he has goes well enough, but he can never get a studio to say yes. Finally, in a pique, he confronts a studio executive and demands to know why the series won’t be made.

“Right now we just don't think the character connects. I mean, you've got her as a black Republican. There's really no such thing, if you think about it. It's just not realistic”.



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