Clive Davis, Cheever and Fussell

Clive Davis is one of my favorite bloggers, despite the snarky comments I often leave on his blog. Yesterday he offered this from John Cheever, a writer I devoured as a teen, but don't think about much anymore:

Last night, folding the bath towel so the monogram would be in the right place (and after reading a piece on Rimbaud by Zabel) I wondered what I was doing here... I was born into no true class, and it was my decision, early in life, to insinuate myself into the middle class, like a spy, so that I would have an advantageous position of attack, but I seem now and then to have forgotten my mission and to have taken my disguises too seriously.

According to Paul Fussell, that would make Cheever a failed "X" person. Read the book if you have some time and don't mind having your class pretentions (whatever they are) laid out in the most painful way possible.

Update: But Clive needs to lighten up on Claire Berlinski. Granted she goes for the sweeping generality, but she does make some good points. I for one are am a bit frightened.